What is the Art of the Suit?

For most of us a suit, is a suit, is a suit; a breed of people that are typically regarded as being responsible for selling someone else’s brilliant idea. The business people sitting in meetings, answering emails, making presentations in fancy offices with big boardrooms. The opposite of creatives. The ones that seem to lack a unique personal brand as they are only a carbon copy of each other, right? Wrong. There is much to be learnt from these so-called suits. Dawn Klatzko came up with this formula for success which is a unique combination of best practice coaching disciplines. With this formula her aim is to share knowledge, experience, and motivation with entrepreneurs, executives, and company leaders to create an environment in which you can excel and succeed with the help of professional coaching.

Dawn Klatzko: Portrait of a Suit

Dawn is a self-proclaimed suit. After enjoying a successful 35-year career in the suity side of advertising and working as a businesswoman and entrepreneur she has decided to share what she has learned through the years by presenting her unique formula; The Art of the Suit through coaching and professional speaking.

As a life-long learner Dawn has obtained various qualifications including a Higher Diploma in Marketing Management, and has recently obtained a Certificate of Competency in the Foundations of Executive Coaching from the University of Cape Town. She is also a professional registered coach with COMENSA.

After starting out as a junior account executive with international agencies such as FCB, McCann, and Ogilvy, her ambition and vision led her to break out of the comfort of the big agency groups to start her own advertising agency in 1990. The agency flourished over the next 20 years and grew to incorporate partnerships in a film production company as well as an experiential marketing agency. She sold her agency when she was given the opportunity to lead a dynamic young advertising agency where she spearheaded their expansion into Africa, and included opening a full-service agency in Uganda.

Following a sabbatical in 2012, Dawn decided to focus on her passion – to share her knowledge and insights on the business of business. She began this new voyage as a business development consultant to smooth the path of those in pursuit of building their career or building a business. Her consulting primarily assists SMEs in the identification and implementation of development strategies and has expanded into the area of personal, executive development. She also runs motivational workshops and attends events as a professional speaker as part of her passion for sharing knowledge and skills.

Her debut book, The Art of the Suit is now available online as an eBook.


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