Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker

Get motivated without the eye-rolling ‘you can do it!’

Motivational speaking is aimed at motivating and inspiring your audience, but nowadays it’s either very vanilla or formal business school teaching. Dawn’s method builds on The Art of the Suit and aims to share her personal experiences, skills, and the knowledge that came from it with entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders. Her talks are short, yet packed with valuable insights, advice, and tools that can be applied immediately. As an added benefit she provides a perspective on how to build your personal brand to increase your value as you pursue your goals. She tells it like is, not the way you want to hear it. Unleash your skills with Dawn’s motivational talks.


What can you expect from a motivational talk?

  • Information on the fundamental values and behaviour as a successful suit.
  • Practical advice that can be applied in your daily method of operating to increase success.
  • Gain the skills to improve your operating environment to increase your success.
  • The information shared comes from years of practical experience and engagement.


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